5/25/2016 update:

Time to sum up the phone, It's nearly 5 months since I got this phone and the phone still survives :), my phone was the first batch, they say first batch is the defective batch, the store I purchased gave me refunds for rear camera, and GPS, I use it currently as a little tablet for web browsing,  battery still holds charge well we play games a lot it gets hot but nothing happened so far. WIFI, 3G works well, call quality is decent, browsing web is fast. Dropped it one time to concrete floor nothing happened luckily. Flashing it is easy, If anyone needs I can upload tools to flash it and a mini guide.



  • Price, android 5.1 experience for few bucks.
  • No problems with WIFI, 3G, bluetooth, internet browsing
  • We play games a lot (continuously hours) and no problems yet.


  • Battery charging issue
  • Rear camera and GPS stopped working
  • Front camera not good, main camera was decent.






I flashed it with the latest rom version V13, battery overcharging problem was solved (V12 & V13 stops charging at 4.19 - 4.21V)  but now battery do not last long and it is worse than overcharging, it will eat up battery when phone idle / screen off and this new rom messed with phone's android's voltage readings too it shows wrong voltage value, I'm not even mentioning % state of battery it is always wrong, and it will not turn off the phone when battery is below 3.40V

When battery showing 50% charge state, the actual battery voltage is 3.45 and at 49% it will turn off the phone when you are lucky! I say when you are lucky because  one day battery state was showing %59 and android's battery voltage showing as 3.86V  but the phone died  like when  the one you take out the battery, like a power cut.  I immediately took out the battery and my multimeter showed  3.18V ! that is scary, don't know to what voltage it can safely be discharged but too low voltage may damage the battery just like overcharging!

Then , I tried v12, same problems with v12 rom. So I turned back to v08, I asked them if they can give me the link to download v07 version, no luck or word from them yet!


2/21/2016 Update:

Finally I contacted with After-sales manager of Vkworld, told me back / rear camera's not working is a software problem and suggested me to flash the phone with v08 rom. Flashing vk700x with Smart Phone Flash Tool is easy but the way he described (he sent me a document describing  how to flash rom) I received this error:


To fix this, I flashed the ROM with battery in phone when connecting USB cable.

It didn't solve camera problem and  V08 overcharges battery too.

After a while (I used the phone a few more days), GPS was working I mean like the former rom no improvement at all, everything was working just like v07 with new Rom  W822_AW_HTTZ_D006_VKWORLD_B15_V08_20151212 , suddenly 2 days ago GPS stopped working, can not get a fix and can't catch any satellites :),  I decided to open it up and see what's inside and  took the main camera out since it's not working.

Some pictures of Vkworld VK700x:


vkworld vk700x

vk700x battery and back side back cover
sim card slots, microsd card slot

Battery size ~ 8 cm x ~ 5.9 cm

vk700 x battery
battery connections

battery negative and positive

micro usb
vk700x inside back chips

T822 - W - v1.3

3780DP 1514U

camera connectors cable
vkworld vk700x camera TND D006 D5693

CAMERA board connection
back led
vk700x led
back / rear camera


Specifications from vkworld:

Model: VK700X
Features: high-speed smart chip, MTK6580A-1.5GHZ Quad-core RAM:1G/ROM:8g)、Arc touchscreen、5.0" HD screen, IPS 1280X720 pixels, Android 5.1 , WCDMA/GSM,four-bands , Mobile AP,wifi,GPS+AGPS,Gravity Sensor,Proximity sensor, 7.2mm thin body acme, 2200 mAh lithium ion battery ,CNC metal frame,Curved screen 3.0D
■ MTK6580A-1.5GHz Quad-core high-speed processing platform
■Internal RAM:1G/ROM:8G
■ 5.0" HD IPS 1280*720
■ 5MP ov AF +2MP ov front camera,flash light (8.0mp+5.0mp software)
■7.2mm thin body acme
■ 2200mAh lithium ion battery
■ Equipped with the newest Android 5.1
■ GPS+AGPS global positioning navigation system
■ 3G,WIFI 802.11b/g support,EDGE,HSDPA,HSUPA, bluetooth 4.0
■Gravity Sensor,Proximity sensor
■ Mobile AP
■ Support for multiple languages
Curved screen 3.0D
Appearance: PDA Arc touchscreen
Size: 142*70*7.2mm
Hard platform: MTK6580A-1.5G MHz Quad-core
Internal: RAM:1G+ROM:8G
OS: Android 5.1
Frquency band: WCDMA 2100/850 (HSDPA) and GSM 850/900/1800/1900
sim card: Dual sim cards, dual standby
Navigation: GPS+AGPS Navigator
Display: 5.0" IPS 1280*720 pixels
Camera: 5MP(ov) AF +2MP (ov)front camera,flash light 5.0mp+8.0mp (software)
Video screen: Video records with sound
Wireless transmission: 3G、WIFI 802.11b/g/n、Bluetooth 4.0、EDGE、HSDPA、HSUPA
Modem features: Wireless AP ( Mobile AP )
HSUPA: Support 5.76 Mbps
HSDPA: Support 7.2 Mbps
Light sensor: Support
Proximity sensor: Support
Gravity Sensor: Support
Bluetooth: Support
FM: Support
Java Expand: Support
Music/video: Support
WAP Browser: Support
Hand-writing: Support
Multilingual: Support
T-flash card: Support micro SD(T-Flash)64GB
Battery parameter: Standard battery content:2200mAh
Talk time: 120-150 (Unit:Mins)
Standby time: 180 (Unit:Hour)
Phone book: 1000 Group
SMS/Color message: Support
Headphone jack 3.5MM standard interface
Charging port mini usb 5pin interface
Color black,white,gold,green,rose red,blue,yellow




Camera and flashlight / led problem:

The front camera works, but back / rear camera does not. As I said earlier... I was trying to zoom and take a picture it just went into blank screen, camera application gave an error, I restarted phone tried everything even factory reset but it won't work since then.

When I run back camera it says Gallery isn't responding.. wanna wait or close it?

Gallery isn't responding.


And flashlight icon on the power control widget disappears.


power control android

flashlight disappears
If I try to turn on camera again then it starts to give this error:


Can't connect to the camera


Then I reboot phone, flashlight icon comes back, I can use front camera but when I try to use flashlight it turns on but it wont turn off. Flashlight icon also disappears again. when I restart phone flashlight icon comes and I can use front camera again with Front Camera Application and FreeDCam application but when I try to use rear camera same thing happens again. I tried to contact Vkworld but no luck until now.





About battery overcharging issue, I found 2 applications:

Battery Full Notification by Milko Boyadjiev and Battery Notification by Cognitive Software.

Battery Notification works in the background shows percentage, voltage of the battery very simple apk, it is only 200kb installed. Link to app: Battery Notification

battery voltage and percentage Battery Notification


Battery Full Notification notifies when charge reach a certain percentage you want (Notify on Percent of charge), works in the background, and it will notify you the way you want. I chose notify by ringtone, when it starts notification unplugging the charger cable stops it. Great application! Thanks a lot developer. Link to app: Battery Full Notification


battery full notification


How I solved GPS issue:

(Note: My phone is not rooted, don't know how to root:)

I fixed GPS problem with "MTK Engineering Mode" app , you can try it too, after installing, run it and select "MTK settings" then go to "Location" tab and select "Location Based Service"

1- On "AGPS" settings I changed the address to "supl.nokia.com" you can try "supl.sonyericsson.com" too. (You can see if it is working - connecting or not at "FLOW" tab after starting GPS but do not start it yet)



2- Go to GPS tab, tap delete first then put a tick to "Log NMEA" "Log to SD Card" and at the end of the tab "Delete aiding data first."

Now you are ready to start GPS. Tap "GPS (OFF)" to start it.


gps fix mtk


Wait a few minutes or seconds it took me a few seconds:
From this


to this: ( I was by the window it couldn't find other sattellites)


After GPS has a fix to your location and shows your latitute and longtitude, tap "REF Position" and select "Apply last location" now you are done.

Tap "GPS ON" and close GPS. Go to AGPS tab and check settings.



I currently use GPS with AGPS disabled, did this at home by the window but this should done outside with a good view of the sky and no tall buildings around.



1/24/2016 update:


Vk700x battery problem: Overcharging?

It says on the battery, it is 4.2v but today when android was showing %98 charge state, I removed the battery and checked the voltage with my multimeter it showed 4.29 V, so either battery is 4.3  or 4.35 V battery and they just printed it 4.2 or it is overcharging. I saw some cases of swollen batteries of vk700x on internet probably because of overcharging and if it is overcharging the battery it is quite dangerous. May cause fire. I would not charge this phone over ~ %80.

I guess this phone needs a 4.35V li-ion battery.

Pictures of battery:
vkworld vk700x battery



1/23/2016 update:

Vkworld vk700x back camera problem:

Back camera of my phone stopped working, I do not know what the problem is.

I was trying to zoom and take a picture and it just went into blank screen, camera application gave an error, I restarted phone tried everything even factory reset but it won't work since then.

I entered factory test mode by holding volume down button (connect phone to pc with usb cable and wait a little) in factory test mode the front camera works but back camera does not. Sent an email to Vkworld and waiting their reply.


I also fixed GPS problem a bit, with MTK engineer tools I will update this later. I will also post some picture of the phone.



Got this phone recently, I am uploading some test screenshots and will update this as soon as I find time and hope it helps those who are interested in this phone.

Cons I found until now:

  • GPS fix problem.
  • No led notification light.
  • Battery charging voltage problem. (If there is any? Overcharging? or voltage shown not accurate?) Need more time with phone.
  • Lacking some sensors like compass.
  • Touch buttons are not backlit.

If you consider its price these cons are not problem, this is a great phone for the money, sturdy & feels good in hand.

Some test photos, Antutu and A1 Sd Bench.

Antutu score:





A1 Sd Bench:

Vkworld Vk700x sd card read speed

Battery voltage when charging:

Vkworld Vk700x overcharging battery

Antutu sensors & features:

sensors 3

Vkworld Vk700x sensors 2

Vkworld Vk700x no battery temperature sensor

Vkworld Vk700x mali 400 gpu

Vkworld Vk700x mt6580 cpu

Vkworld Vk700x sensors


Vkworld Vk700x Antutu

Vkworld Vk700x device information