UltraFire F13

This is both a review of Zopo Hero 1 camera close-up image quality and a mini review of UltraFire F13. All pictures taken with Zopo Hero 1, auto mode, hand-held, only resized for internet use, untouched.

I have this light for a few months, today had a close look, I guess I replaced led centering ring added insulation gasket (can't remember when) then leave it alone until today, also resoldered driver spring today (it was in bad condition, only one side soldered) other than these looks like a good light, nice machining and build quality, seems to be a good mod host. Driver uses PWM for low and medium mode but very high frequency, mode spacing not good.




Specifications from store:

LED: Cree XM-L2 T6
Switch Location: Tail Cap
Battery Type: 26650, 18650, (3 x AAA with holder)
Mode: 5 (High > Mid > Low > Strobe > SOS)
Reflector: Aluminum smooth reflector
Lens: Glass lens
Aluminum alloy body
Aluminium Alloy
Light Color: Cool White 6500K
Color: Black

Pictures of the light taken with Zopo Hero 1:

tailstands perfectly
ultrafire f13

ultrafire f13 reflector

f13 switch assembly
ultrafire f13 driver

cree xm-l2 led



Some measurements:
Switch PCB:21mm
Length: 152mm
Head: 41mm
Tail: 32mm

Current draw:
Always starts on high
High: 1.6A
Medium: 1.18A
Low: 0.6A


Beamshot of high and beam profile: (Actually looks way brighter than this, because of phone camera auto mode.)





  • Mode spacing
  • Not that waterproof out of the box, maybe  just rainproof.


  • Good mod host if you use 26650 batteries.