UltraFire C3 Stainless Steel

UltraFire C3 stainless steel (SS)
This is the real I mean genuine UltraFire C3 SS, I think this one is the first in the market then clones came. I have this light for a few years (I guess 4 years at least) it is still shiny just a few scratches and that's it, mode spacing is great, but PWM is very bad. I still use it from time to time, today took a few pictures and wanted to put here. I made a quick search and could only find one online store still selling this flashlight.


Specifications from store:

Flashlight Length: 100mm
Weight: 97grams
Max, Output: 200Lumens
3 Modes: High , Mid, Low
Full Steel body, clicky
Battery: AA, 14500 battery
LED: Cree XR-E Q5
Some pics:

stainless steel tailcap

screw in design reflector

cree xr-e q5



Beamshots with fully charged 14500:





Current draw:

AA Ni-MH: H:1.65A M:0.4A L:0.04A
14500: H:0.55A M:0.15 L:0.03A


  • Excellent machining and build quailty
  • Genuine UltraFire
  • 3 Modes no strobe
  • Good mode spacing



  • PWM