TrustFire MINI-03

I have this light for a few months and used a few times, stainless steel body makes it a perfect twisty keychain light,  it is very bright especially with 10440 lithium-ion battery, bright enough to amaze people when they first see how small it is...


Trustfire Mini 03


Specifications from store:

Stainless steel body

Brand & Model: TrustFire MINI 03

Emitter Type: CREE XPG2-R5

Mode: High-Low-Strobe

Battery type: 1xAAA /10440

Operating voltage: 0.8V - 4.2V

Reflector: Orange peel

Lens: Glass Lens

Brightness: 200 lumens

Light Color: Cool White

Switch Type: Head twist switch


Length: 75mm


Weight: 30g



Made of stainless steel, shockproof.

Precision micro-textured reflector creates smooth, optimized beam.

Using the CREE XPG-R5, brightness up to 200 lumens.

With the keyring to carry the flashlight easily and safely.

Three modes output - strong light, weak light and blink light for your choice.

Waterproof design, "O" ring and gasket sealed( Not for diving, don't place it into water for a long time).

Detachable body, powered by 1xAAA/10440 battery

Trustfire mini 03 specifications package back

It works both with Ni-MH AAA and Li-ion, came with Trustfire 10440 Li-ion battery and Cree Xp-g2 led.

Trustfire mini 03 package keychain and 10440 battery


Some pictures:


Size comparison with 10440 battery:

size 10440 li-ion

Trustfire mini-03

body grip

Lens not very clear:

glass lens

body & machining

twist mechanism machining

inside parts

cree xp-g2 led

mini 03 reflector

orange peel reflector

driver battery side

all parts


lens - led

Mode beamshots:

High level with Ni-MH AAA:

high ni-mh AAA

Low level with Ni-MH:

low ni-mh AAA



High with 10440 Li-ion:


high with liion 10440

Low with 10440 Li-ion:

low mode with 10440 battery

Current draws:

With Ni-MH at high mode: ~ 2.25 A at low: 0.23 A

With Li-ion at high mode: ~ 1.20 A at low: 0.11 A

Gets hot with li-ion but it is normal, do not leave it on unattended.



  • Little, Not heavy
  • Stainless Steel
  • Xp-G2
  • Comes with 10440 battery.
  • Very bright
  • Operating voltage range 0.8V - 4.2V
  • Easy to mod, access inner parts. No glue.

Cons :

  • Cool white led poor cri.
  • PWM for low mode.