SupFire F3 L2

supfire f3 l2

I received these lights recently, ordered both Supfire F3-L2 and Supfire F3-XPE (Cree Xp-E). They are same except F3-XPE has a different driver, and LED. F3-L2 means it uses Cree Xm-l2. Great zoomie lights considering their price.

Supfire F3's height is only 125mm and head size is 35mm. L2 has 5 modes High, Mid, Low SOS and Flashing mode, XPE has 3 modes High, Low, Flashing.

Some specs from dealer for L2: Tube diameter: 28mm, Tail diameter: 27mm, Lanyard length: 18cm,  Weight: 114 g, Battery: 18650 / AAA (with holder, 3 x AAA in series) , LED: Cree XM-L2 6500K



size comparison with 18650

full size
threads machining
cree xm-l2
supfire cree xm-l2
supfire parts
body tube
switch, insulation gasket
all parts
anodizing quality
cree xm-l2 supfire led mcpcb
clicky switch
driver backside f3-l2



Aspherical lens is not glass but its quailty is very good .
aspherical lens

aspheric lens


high mode f3-l2


Aspheric lens size: 29MM

Driver size: ~ 22MM ~ 21MM

Led MCPCB size: 15mm

Switch size: ~ 17.5MM (The switch is a poor one and should be changed, Omten switch didn't fit in the switch holder.)

Protected 18650 batteries won't fit in the 18650 holders came with lights.


Current draw measurements:

SupFire F3-L2

18650 Li-ion @ 4.07V

High: 1.62A

Mid: 0.8A

Low: 0.39A

With 3xAAA holder in series @ 3.95V, H: 1A M: 0.5A L: 0.25A


SupFire F3-XPE:

18650 Li-ion @ 4.04V

High: 0.89A Low: 0.19

No PWM at low mode. (Very good!)

SupFire F3-XPE beamshots:

f3-xpe high beam profile


  • Size
  • No PWM  for Low for F3-XPE version.
  • AAA option in case you run out of battery.
  • Its Price
  • Easily moddable
  • Good, wide beam profile for F3-XPE version.


  • PWM for mid and low mode for F3-L2 version.
  • Poor switch.