Mpow M7

If you are looking for an affordable, warm sounding TWS headset with good bass Mpow M7 is for you.

I like warm sounding headphones/earphones with emphasis on bass. I was using Sony MH1 with my phone for a long time, they sound warm and produce good bass. After a month of searching, reading reviews, especially on Amazon Japan, I decided to order Mpow M7.

Tried comparing Mpow M7 & Sony MH1 on many different songs, I can say that Mpow M7 sounds warmer, and it produces a bit more bass than Sony MH1.

You can use MH1 eartips too. 
You should cut eartips with scissors a little & make it smaller, with MH1 eartips now it's more stable in the ear, sound quality also improved a bit.

Other than sound, connection quality and connection distance is really good. It connects to the phone instantly.

Couldn't find a song that sounds odd with this headset so far, I think they are tuned well.

A few things:

Volume level is high.
I used middle size eartips and it is not very stable.
Comes with 3 size eartips.
Do not use fast chargers.
Battery life is 5-6 hours.


M7 with Sony MH1 ear tips:


Ordered Mpow S8 with M7, here a few pictures: