Fenix UC01

This mini rechargeable keychain light was sent by GearBest for review purpose. It can be charged with micro-usb cable (like android phone chargers) and has a good runtime, I tested high mode and it runs  more than an hour then gives a battery warning, goes back to mid mode, then after a few minutes on mid, automatically goes to low level. It's very lightweight will not bother you on your keychain, the one I received has cool white (not soft or neutral) and it's a flood light. While charging or running it doesn't get hot. Overall it's a nice light.



Fenix uc01

Comes with a manual and warranty paper.


How to operate:

Some pictures:

size comparison
green led

Led bond wires can be seen:


During charging only mid light level is available.



Beamshots: Low, Mid, High






  • No PWM
  • This will make a good headlight with a proper headband.
  • Price
  • Charging is easy, Micro USB charging no need to worry about batteries
  • Lightweight



  • Cool white led