Convoy S7

Note: I posted this review on a forum site long time ago, I am not active on that forum anymore. I am updating some parts of it.
Review date: 06/13/2013
Purchase date: -

Convoy S7 Cree XM-L U2-1B

AMC7135*8 1×18650

Pictures from site:

Specifications from site:

Material: Stainless Steel
Low Voltage Warning: Yes
Output Current: 2800 mA
Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
Flashlight Modes Group 1 (3-Mode): Lo (5%) > Mid (40%) > Hi (100%); Group 2 (5-Mode): Lo (5%) > Mid (40%) > Hi (100%) > Strobe > SOS
Lens Type: Glass Lens
Mode Count 3/5
Reflector Type: Aluminum Textured/OP
Tail Stand: Yes
Light Source BIN U2-1B
Light Source Brand Cree
Light Source Color 6500-7000K
Light Source Model XM-L
Lumens (Max) 950 LM

Dimensions :
Height 116 mm
Product Weight 118 g

Some pictures:



Size comparison:

LED & Pill & Driver (Nanjg 105c) & Glass lens:

Beamshots side by side with Xintd C8 Xm-l U2 @ 2800mA 8xAMC7135
On the right Xintd C8. Both in high mode.

SS: 1/125 LA:f/4.9 Iso S: Iso-50

SS: 1/500 LA:f/4.9 Iso S: Iso-50

*Xintd C8 looks to me at least two times brighter than Convoy S7 Xm-l U2 @ 2800mA 8xAMC7135

I am in love with stainless steel that is why I ordered this light, I think machining is perfect, quality of steel is also good, it is a little heavy with battery, feels very good in hand and tailstands perfectly! This is a perfect host!

  • Tailcap currents measured:
    High: 2810 mA
    Mid: 1390-1400 mA
    Low: 139 mA



Pictures tell everything and I am lazy to type, I will summarize in here:

I think what you all wondering is the heat managament, do not buy AMC7135*8 version of this light! It gets very very and very hot! The heat stucks in the head and there is nowhere to go.
Fasttech should remove the version with 8 x AMC7135.

Even in medium mode (Mid: 1390-1400 mA) it gets very hot, too hot to touch. Medium mode is not %40 as stated above. It is %50.

By the way, I must tell the heat issue is perfectly normal, it is a stainless steel flashlight!

*Protected batteries do not fit in this light. (I mostly use unprotected cells so it is not a con for me.)

*If you want to use this light continuously, do not buy any version other than 3x AMC7135 (1050mA).


  • Sturdy, using it for over 2-3 years I guess it is still like new.


  • Not visible by eye in normal conditions but have some PWM on medium and low mode.
  • Protected batteries do not fit in this light.
  • A bit heavy.

Fasttech should add smooth reflector option to all convoy lights.