Convoy L4

Note: I posted this review on a forum site long time ago, I am not active on that forum anymore.

Convoy L4 Cree XM-L2 T5 5B

Review date: 09/04/2013

I am updating some parts of it.

Pictures from site:

Specifications from site:

Just noticed the sizes on Aliexpress are different than my measurements I hope my measurements are not wrong.

Came well packed:


Size comparison with well known lights:
C8 – L4- 502B- Convoy S8 -Steel C3

Reflector is faultless and I think better than the reflector of Xintd C8 V3

XML2 T5 5B:

Led soldered on copper MCPCB, with thermal paste and tightly screwed in.


Compared Convoy L4 with Xintd C8 V3
(Xintd C8 with XM-L U2 v3) Both one meter to the wall and on high.


SS: 1/290

SS: 1/350

SS: 1/2000

Tailcap currents measured:

Unlike 105C I measured different tailcap currents with the batteries I have:

Esp. batteries with low voltage.

These results are with fully charged batteries Samsung 28A charged to 4.25 Volts



Some other pictures Body & Machining all parts etc.

Hope I didn’t post some pictures twice


This ring holds driver in place:

Took video of both 105c Xintd and Convoy L4 and took some pics of convoy l4 the room was all dark!

It is impossible to take a pic with 502b above,  for xintd c8 v3 (105c) pwm noticeable in mid & low mode.



I think this light is amazing! The more I use this light the more I like! I will order one more soon. Decided to get rid of most of my lights after seeing this Convoy L4!

Final thoughts:



  • No spare parts, If something happens.


  • It gets warm immediately on high and thats good,
  • It doesn’t have a brass pill that’s also very very good Flashlight producers should get rid of brass pills and pills.
  • Mode changing is now fun with side switch!
  • Protected batteries even with homemade additional wrap fits fine!
  • Left on high for nearly 30 mins maybe more than 30 mins and it got warm but not hot.
  • To my eye hotspot of Convoy L4 looks better than Xintd C8. I think L4 throws better.
  • Hidden fast strobe, to enable click side switch two times very quickly, to disable long press side switch.
  • Mode memory, side switch only change modes, on – off with tailcap switch!
  • I like this driver (no noticeable pwm)

Other thoughts: Pictures tell everything

After playing some more with this light I really loved it, it is amazing, indeed a must get light!